Credit Issues – Am I Ready to Buy?

If you have had a credit Issue in the past, you may wonder how long you need to wait to buy another home.  These are the basic wait times, but there may be other factors so call me first! Issue Conventional FHA VA USDA Charge Off -Mortgage   ·   4 Years OR ·   2 Years with Extenuating   Circumstances2 None None…

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A Consumer’s Checklist to Verify Information on Their Credit Report

Each Year, consumers are entitled to a Free credit report from each of the credit bureaus.  When you receive your credit report, it is a great time to check for any errors, before deciding to buy a home. You can request and review your free report online at:  When you view your credit report, the CFPB [Consumer…

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Tips for Clients in Mortgage Forbearance

COVID hit a lot of people hard, both personally and financially.  If you needed to exercise Mortgage Forbearance, here are some tips to help you get back to financial wellness. Don’t Lose Hope!  Forbearance is there for people who need to use that option. Conversely, do not use forbearance if you do not need it. Purchasing or…

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LLCs [Limited Liability Corporations] & Home Financing

What You Need to Know! Buying a Home as an LLC may be Sound Advice from Your Financial Advisor.  However, when it comes to Buying a Home and Financing the Property, here are Important Facts You Need to Know! Conventional Loans only allow a borrower to take title (or borrow money) as an individual or as…

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Real Estate Investors & the 1031 Exchange Rule

Why Would an Investor Consider a 1031 “Like-Kind” Exchange? When Selling an Investment Property & Realizing a Gain on that Sale, Investors have two choices: Pay taxes on the Gain. Move that Gain to another property under a 1031 Exchange and legally defer the tax. Considerations for Real Estate Investor Clients: Preservation of Equity:  A 1031 exchange provides…

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Are You TOO Qualified for a USDA Loan?

USDA RULE:  If a borrower is able to secure “traditional conventional credit” under reasonable terms and CAN meet the requirements of a “traditional conventional credit” loan, then they are NOT eligible for a USDA RD Guaranteed loan. However, many borrowers have been denied loans over the years by both RD state and field-level offices because an underwriter “interpreted” that the…

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“Who Qualifies” for a VA Loan!

Not everyone who served our country is eligible for a no-down VA loan—but there are many, many veterans who DO qualify and don’t realize that they are eligible.  While a Certificate of Eligibility is the document that makes the final determination, here’s a list of those who may qualify. Branches of Service Army Navy Air Force…

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A Consumer’s Guide to Trigger Leads

When any lender pulls your credit report, the credit bureau sells this information as a “Trigger Lead”. This sale of your information is legal, but you can stop it. What? How Does This Happen? – Credit Bureaus are in the business of Big Data. – They profit when they charge you for a credit report.…

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Second Home or Investment Property?

 Reasons for acquiring a second property vary based on your goals. Some people want a great place to escape to, others want to produce recurring revenue, and some want both.  Here are some important points to discuss with your lender before you sign the contract! Before You Shop for a Second Home or Investment Property –…

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Which Refinance Option is Best for You?

Determining What Program is Right for You – Conventional Loan Options Programs with Income Limits Refinance programs with income limits can be advantageous if your yearly income falls within 80% to 100% of the Median Income for your area. Benefits Include: Higher Debt-to-Income Ratios Allowed Waived Fees & Credits Reduced Mortgage Insurance Premiums Boarder or…

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